Do I Need To Learn To Be A DJ?

DJing has become a particularly popular and in-demand profession in recent years. Of course, the pandemic and the quarantine restrictions associated with it made live concerts impossible for almost two years. But gradually everything returns to its previous course, and the DJ profession is again becoming very popular and in demand.

To become an aspiring DJ, you need to know a few things. First, you must define your main goal. Make sure you know what types of DJs are available and which ones you want to make. Also, identify what are the main reasons for becoming a DJ.

If you want to become a professional DJ, of course, you must have a good reason not to stop halfway. Most simply follow the trend that is currently popular and then stop doing so when it becomes unpopular.

So ask yourself what is the most compelling reason you want to become a DJ and make that your main goal in your music career in the future.

To become a DJ, of course, you must first master the DJing tools. Please take the course professionally or you can also study on your own. For those who are self-taught, of course, it takes a lot of time.

However, this self-study method is more affordable because you don’t have to pay for teachers. You can learn by watching videos online. This is not an easy path, you will have to train regularly and persistently. But the result will not keep you waiting long. Self-learned skills are considered the most sustainable. And the most significant part of learning DJing on your own is the ability to save money on teacher fees or courses that are very expensive.

The next way to become a DJ is to take a course. Even though it costs money, the results can also be seen because you understand how to work with the tool faster.

If you want to be a DJ, of course, you must have standard DJ equipment. The tool kit consists of a controller, then you will need a mixer with at least 2 channels and headphones. You will also need speakers and mixing software. You will also need a laptop or at least a tablet. You can also DJ from your smartphone, but this method is hardly suitable for beginner DJs who are just learning this difficult craft.

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If your budget is not enough, then you can invest a little at first. Buy an instrument if the price fits your budget until you can meet all the basic needs of a DJ.

Basic DJing courses start at $500. In time, they can be stretched for three months or concentrated for one month. Moreover, the cost, as a rule, is declared in full for the entire course of study.

Of course, the cost of the course can be many times higher. Much depends on the prestige of the organization that conducts these courses, the fame of teachers, duration and effectiveness. As a rule, the names of well-known DJs who have achieved success in the music industry will be the determining factor in the price of training. Naturally, provided that they studied at the same courses.

You can learn how to DJ on your own if you get hands-on training from already working DJs. First you observe their work, then they delegate the simplest tasks to you. After some time, having mastered the basic skills, you can become a full-fledged replacement for your teacher.

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