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Do Internet radio stations pay royalties?

To listen to the song on radio is a pride. But it is worth thinking of how she will bring the fee to the author. Short answer: even if your song sounds on small Internet radio station, you usually need the fee.

Royalty on Internet radio are paid as the fees for execution. It means that every time when the song is broadcast, executed on the air or is reproduced on radio, such use is considered public execution

The fees on radio are very profitable business. Besides the joy that your song is pleasant she is popular and brings to people joy, it is necessary to think also of how your hard work can turn into money in your pocket.

Internet radio stations are obliged to pay a royalty to authors of musical compositions which are reproduced in their air. Usually the author of the work, its performer, the producer can apply for receiving a reward. Each of them receives various percent. But the author will receive the bigger royalties.

The fees for public execution on radio arrive from speakers to actors through the special administrative authorities known as PRO. Such administrative authority is in each country. In the United States of America, for example, there are even four similar organizations. Radio stations which want to obtain the license for music playback which they want have to obtain the license from all four PRO.

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The royalty size for one reproduction of a song on Internet radio station in the USA will be, for example, 4-7 dollars. But this figure isn’t static, it directly depends on popularity of radio station and how there is a lot of at her listeners. In other countries of a royalty it is possible not to receive, especially, at all if it is about those states where in general nobody monitors copyright compliance.

But fight against piracy in the musical market takes place also in the United States. Actually, sometimes happens very difficult to track copyright compliance, especially, if it is about Internet radio stations.

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