Do Karaoke Machines Come With Songs?

If you’re planning a karaoke party, whether it’s a big event or a small one, karaoke will be the highlight of the party and provide fun and good vibes. Do you want to surprise your friends and have a karaoke party or are you going to celebrate a children’s birthday? Then karaoke should not be missing as a program item, because children have a lot of fun singing. You can also give the song your own flavor without sticking too closely to the melody. This is exactly what artists do when they perform live, who very rarely let you hear the same tune as on the CD. Many people want to sing. And this is where karaoke machines can help those who love singing.

But here’s the question – is it possible to purchase a karaoke machine directly with karaoke songs already?

Do Karaoke Machines Come With Songs

First of all, let’s define what the term “professional karaoke” is, what it includes and how it differs from “domestic” karaoke.

A professional karaoke machine is a software and hardware complex that includes: a pre-installed database of songs (which, in turn, is as well as by formats); software tools for managing this database (such as quick search, decrease/increase in key and tempo); hardware that determines the quality of sound and image, ease of use.

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The size of the database of songs installed on a modern karaoke machine is about 25-30 thousand songs. The principle of operation of the MIDI format is as follows: the composition is in the form of a program code that enters the MIDI synthesizer, in which it is converted into sound information. At this stage, the sound quality depends solely on the quality of the synthesizer. Actually, in the “household” karaoke, this technology is mainly used. The main difference between home and professional equipment is the installed synthesizer. Home karaoke players use a low-end synthesizer with a limited set of primitive sounds, while Pro devices use Roland sound modules that reproduce sound with the quality of a good concert synthesizer.

By default, devices of this class are intended for operation in commercial entertainment establishments, i.e. this is work in “live mode”, extreme conditions, so manufacturers are trying to make the work of the sound engineer as easy as possible, automate his work, and provide many tools for solving various problems.

If we talk about domestic and far from professional karaoke machines, then the volume of pre-installed karaoke songs is many times less in them. These songs may not exist at all, the design simply provides for the use of an external medium, for example, a flash drive. Of course, the karaoke machine itself in this case will cost much less than its professional version.

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