Do Professionals Use Ableton?

To take place in the music industry, at the present time, it is not enough to have the ability and own musical literacy. You also need knowledge of special computer programs. The development of the company Ableton is one of those. Professionals appreciate it in both studio work and live performance. In the first case, it is used for writing, arranging and mixing music, in the second, it is effective for improvisation on stage and for DJ work.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the general name for a group of applications that are designed to create music. These programs greatly simplify the process of composing, recording and editing. There are many different DAW applications out there. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ableton Live is considered one of the best digital audio stations. With its easy-to-use workflow and intuitive interface, this app is a great companion for any electronic music developer.

Do Professionals Use Ableton

In 2000, the developers created the Ableton Live program. The program was created by Berlin DJs for live performance in the club. At that time, the program was focused only on live performances. In it, the Session mode was implemented, which made it possible to play musical fragments in random order, change the pitch and sound speed, easily combining various fragments without reference to the time grid. Many electronic musicians and Djs liked this, since then the program has become quite popular in the environment of electronic music production.

Subsequently, the Arrangement mode appeared in the program, which is traditional for sequencers. In the latest version, the Session mode adds the ability to automate in real time, as well as directly in clips. A new browser has been added, in which you can find absolutely all your clips, samples, instruments, plugins. The program is cross-platform. In the lite version, it is included in the hardware of various companies.

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The program has an intuitive interface for DJs and all functions are provided for operational work in the club. No wonder the name contains the word Live. Today the program includes two parts Arrangement & Session. The first program is for creating a track, the second is for working in a club with homemade preparations. The program is not suitable for recording live instruments and studio work. It is a great and effective tool for DJs that they often use in their work.

It’s easy to create compositions in Ableton Live, so you can quickly achieve the results you want. Using Session View, you can make live arrangements by adding trigger clips and loops in a variety of combinations. In addition, Ableton is constantly expanding its extensive collection of audio content with new sets of samples that you can use when creating your own songs.

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