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Do you have to pay for MuseScore?

Relatively recently, the long-awaited new MuseScore came out and there are a very large number of changes in it – tabulature, chord charts, Guitar Pro import, improved MIDI import, multi-level scores, new symbol elements, new formatting capabilities, new styles and fonts, updated GUI and many other small things such as your own palettes, new frames or photo mode, which allows you to crop any place and export it to a graphical format. This is ideal for chord charts or personnel fragments, or when someone is preparing a guide for the page and you need to prepare graphics or notes.


This is an application, a program for compiling scores and preparing notes that can be printed, distributed to musicians or archived, professionally and clearly, most users completely correctly understood the idea.

The new version now defaults to a visually better monocompiled sound font, so it takes up twice as much space and sounds a little better than the previous default.

As for the utility of this program, it depends on what you want to do. This is not so much for creating EDM as for classical instruments, some good scores for soloists or orchestras, orchestration and the like, it works well.

In general, it all depends on which synthesizer or other musical equipment you want to work on. First you should read the guide and get acquainted with the graphical interface, in any case it all comes down to oscillators, filters and modulators, so it is easy to transfer ideas from one plugin to another. To learn the basics of working with the program, you can even watch video lessons from completely different plugins.

Many users are impressed with the features of the program. This program can be effectively worked with not only because of its price (it is free, such a musical LibreOffice). It is even more effective, it is nice to finally combine the usual notation with tabulature in one score, piano, guitar, bass, drums, formatting, free style, export to PDF.

So, MuseScore is a very effective and widely used program, and also completely free.

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The only drawback is the lack of a detailed description of the new elements in the instruction, so you need to be patient in order to independently find new functions and elements. Stability and the absence of conflict are positive points.

Accordingly, MuseScore now becomes a free alternative to many other programs for writing and reading tabulatures. The program does not specialize in guitars, so it does not have many functions and capabilities. That is why it is necessary to weigh everything well before turning off other similar programs.

So, MuseScore is a very effective and widely used program, and also completely free. Its latest version was released in February 2021.

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