Do You Need A Controller To Use Serato?

Almost every even a novice DJ is familiar with specialized software for DJing Serato. Despite the mixed reviews, this application remains one of the market leaders, continuing to be in demand among beginners and professional DJs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional in the digital music world, you’ll know that Serato DJ controllers are designed to offer you the most immersive and enjoyable DJ experience.

Most of the controllers that DJs use today have been designed and optimized for use with Serato DJ, the industry standard software for today’s best scratchers. From an interface with iTunes and Serato Crates to organize all your favorite tracks, to easily accessible cue points, loops, beat grids and more, everything you need for top-notch sets is always at your fingertips with Serato DJ. Aspiring DJs can get started right away with the included Serato DJ Lite software, as well as a free 14-day trial of Serato DJ Pro, to test their skills before jumping into the big leagues.

Serato DJ offers a wide range of products that provide a complete experience. With programs ranging from DJ software, plugins, samplers to a music studio.

Thus, Serato became part of a community of millions of DJs and producers. Its coverage is more than 190 countries of the world. It has global forums and is in multiple languages. And besides, it certifies schools that train DJs.

If you purchase the Serato Play extension, you can enjoy all the functionality of Serato DJ without a connected DJ controller.

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The new versions of Serato DJ Pro 2.1 and Serato DJ Lite 1.1 feature a brand new Serato Play package. It provides for the possibility for DJs to work only using their own computer or laptop. In addition, the latest versions of the application include the integration of Tidal, which today offers the highest sound quality and is one of the leading music streaming services in the world. Access to Tidal opens up a huge opportunity for DJs because they get access to the vast library of this music streaming platform. DJs can now mix tracks in real time, responsive to the needs of their audience.

Serato Play сosts $39. It adds three-band EQs, filters and a crossfader, as well as new keyboard shortcuts to control them.

Being able to DJ in Serato without a controller makes life a lot easier for DJs. Now many of them do not need to buy controllers. Although, the controller was and remains a reliable and basic DJ tool.

If we are talking about working at a professional level, then nothing can effectively replace the controller. It’s just that before the advent of Serato Play, it was basically impossible to DJ without a controller. Now such an opportunity has appeared, but only if the DJ works at home or at an event where he does not face difficult tasks.

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