Do You Need A License To Use Pro Tools?

Pro Tools is a professional audio application that provides the user with the essential and extremely convenient tools for recording, editing and mixing sound and music.

Pro Tools is the most popular non-linear editing software for audio professionals in the entertainment industry. In every segment of filmmaking, broadcasting and video streaming, professionals around the world rely on Avid. Whether you’re a newcomer to music production, an independent professional, or a seasoned production professional who is used to working in a team, Pro Tools will help you unleash your creativity and achieve incredible sounding recordings.

License To Use Pro Tools

Pro Tools offers powerful tools that will significantly save you time and streamline your workflow. Whether you’re creating music or writing a motion picture soundtrack, Pro Tools will maximize your productivity by inspiring you and keeping you completely focused on the project. Avid is committed to making Pro Tools the best creative software ever. That is why Avid has been releasing updates and additional features for all versions of Pro Tools with an active support plan throughout the year. This ensures that users always have access to the latest software and technical support from Avid specialists.

But users have a question about whether a license is needed to use this popular tool?

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The license price is high, it varies depending on many parameters, in particular, the version of this software. Avid today announced that it has released free user licenses that give you virtually unlimited use of Avid Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer and Avid Sibelius. The company’s actions are aimed at supporting musicians and the music industry. As part of its support for the music industry hit hard by border closures, event restrictions and widespread quarantines, Avid is distributing its own software licenses to anyone in need. Shared keys will allow you to use Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate and Sibelius Ultimate.

The company has released a free version of its Media Composer First application that can be used for free on a permanent basis. This is a great help for novice musicians who do not yet have sufficient funds to purchase a license for the professional version of the program. This will help them take their first, but confident steps in the music industry.

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