Do you need Wi-Fi for Alexa?

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If your question is whether Amazon Alexa can work without Wi-Fi or not, the answer is simply No. however, there is some Plan-B for this problem, which will be discussed later on.

First, let us discuss why Alexa cannot work without Wi-Fi. Just think, how does it work?

It takes your voice as a command and then search over the internet and then shows you the result. The device does not store any information into it. This is the reason it needs an internet connection for its job to be done.  First, the device records your voice, keeping the recorded files in its temporary folder. Here, the device translates and converts the vocal command into text so that it can be searched over the net. When it gets similar results, it shows them as feedback.

The regular activities of Alexa require an internet connection. Its daily activities include instant updates, music streaming, answer the question asked, and so on. As the popularity of Alexa is increasing, there are more alternative aspects of using this device. This device can be connected to the net using a Wi-Fi connection, or through a mobile hotspot. You can use either way based on your usability. If you are using Alexa outside the home or on vacation, you can certainly use your mobile hotspot for using Alexa.

How Can Alexa be Used without Wi-Fi?

As said earlier, you cannot use Amazon Alexa without an internet connection. Now the question comes, if you cannot manage Wi-Fi, in that case, how are you going to use Amazon Alexa? Think about a situation like a vacation or spending a night out home.    You can follow simple two steps, first, open the mobile hotspot. And second, connect the Amazon Alexa with the mobile phone through Bluetooth connection. Another third step is to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker. The steps are given below,

  • The first step is to pair your phone with Alexa. For this, you can use your home Wi-Fi, or if you are outside, use a trusted public Wi-Fi connection. An unknown Wi-Fi connection may harm your safety.
  • Go to the Alexa app on your mobile phone, go to the menu, and select the settings option.
  • From the Settings option, select the device you want to pair, and then choose Bluetooth
  • Select a device from the list and then select Forget. Repeat the same procedure for adding other blue tooth devices on your phone.

You can now use it as a second speaker after you have successfully connected Alexa with your cell phone.