Do you want to migrate you tracks from Spotify to Google Music or vice versa

With MusConv you can easily migrate between music providers

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The MusConv is a tool though which you can transfer your tracks and playlist though out various services.

We will let you know that it has a four step process that how you can transfer your tracks and playlist across different services. Here are 4 simple steps for using tool:

  1. Select Source
  2. Select Playlist
  3. Select Destination
  4. Go to transfer

We have three plans for our tool which we are offering to our customers.

  1. Basic ($9.7 one time)
  2. Professional ($16.7 one time)
  3. Ultimate($24.7 one time)

These are three pricing plans which we are offering for our tool, in the first it is basic plan in which we will give you ultimate songs per session, ultimate playlists per session, CSV export and 2 years free updates.

While in professional plan we will offer you additional items such as we are offering playlist batch importing service for our professional plan customers along with 3 years free updates.

While in our last plan which is premium plan know as ultimate plan, in which we are providing you some additional and exciting options such as deleting duplicate tracks to your playlists, we will provide you 5 years free updates as well as priority support for your songs.

MusConv music service migration tool