Does Android Have A Music Player?

If you are a gadget user on the Android operating system and also love music, then you could not help but worry about the question of whether Android has its own music player.

Like the iPhone, Android has its own built-in music player. This is a pretty good application that provides a comfortable touch screen experience. This player is easy to operate, practical to travel, user-friendly.

But the Android platform is open, so you’re unlikely to run short of third-party media players. It cannot be said that many of them are worse than the one with which your gadget came to you.

There are vendors that offer you Android devices with third-party apps already preinstalled. Among them are some of the most commonly used.

Android Have A Music Player

Ardent fans of high-quality music and ultimate sound customization are highly recommended to try Neutron – this player has, perhaps, the most advanced equalizer available on Android. Moreover, in the settings menu there are so many items with the ability to customize for yourself that it’s even scary to imagine how all this can be mastered and adjusted to your requirements. At the same time, the application does not show ads and does not require buying the full paid version (it does not exist), you can safely download the application and use it comfortably. Of the shortcomings, one can only note the outdated interface, but this is a weak minus.


1. the most sensitive equalizer;

2. the ability to customize the interface;

3. no ads;

4. clear player menu.

Perhaps the Phonograph boasts the most ascetic design – in the player menu there are only rewind keys, a cover and a list of tracks in the playlist, nothing else. However, many interesting functions are hidden in additional menus – there you can see the lyrics of the song, set the equalizer, and set the sleep timer so that the music stops playing after a while. At the same time, the division into tracks, artists and albums works perfectly, and in the settings you can change the color scheme, assign a theme, and configure many individual parameters. Of the paid features, there is only a separate folder scanning – there are not even ads.

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1. concise player;

2. convenient splitting by authors, tracks and albums;

3. you can view the lyrics of the song;

4. flexible interface settings;

5. no ads.

Fans of customizing the sound according to their personal requirements will also like the Poweramp player, which has a fairly advanced equalizer and a preset save function. If these functions do not seem very necessary to you, you can enjoy the excellent player interface, the function of downloading covers for songs from the Internet, and several widgets for the desktop or lock screen at once. At the same time, of course, the application does an excellent job with any content, including loseless, and allows you to create multiple playlists for different scenarios. And there are no ads, which is definitely a nice bonus.

1. concise player menu without unnecessary elements;

2. many settings;

3. no ads;

4. there is an automatic shutdown timer;

5. the function of downloading covers from the network;

6. convenient equalizer with presets.

So, there are no problems with third-party media players that you can equip your Android gadget with. As a rule, this is a smartphone, so using both the built-in media player and third-party similar applications will make listening to music very comfortable.

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