Does anyone use Pandora anymore?

According to reports, Pandora has experienced major problems with its fan base of late, with millions of users coming over to other systems. 

Sure, the fact that something isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean it’s not good. But is there a reason why people are moving away from Pandora? Will it mean problems for you? Should you save yourself time and just sign up to someone like Google Music or Spotify who’s sure to give you guarantees thanks to the great rep and massive uptime in the business? It’s up to you to decide.

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If you research the data, you’ll see there are plenty of various opinions on Pandora. There are plenty of cool features on Pandora too. Its Music Genome Project is staggeringly good at finding songs you’ll like based on your previous preferences. Great sound quality. Detailed statistics. By the way, while we’re on that subject, according to, “the platform has been suffering gradual user losses each quarter for some time, and has lost more than ten million U.S. users in the last two years”

But if you ask us, nearly 60 Million users is still a lot. So the answer is, there are a lot of people listening, and there is an active fan base with plenty of people thinking Pandora is better than many modern music streaming services in many respects. Their numbers, however, are going down, so you probably want to study reviews like this one from PC Mag so you can find out what exactly is going wrong. 

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