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Does anyone use Tidal?

The switch from MP3s to Hi-Res music of a higher quality than CDs is not widespread. However, different companies like Sony, some rock stars, and audiophiles appreciate this new tendency. Nevertheless, there are many users in the world who are still searching for new sources of qualitative digital music.

 does anyone use Tidal

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More and more stereo receivers and even mobile phones equipped with powerful DACs are produced nowadays. However, finding music in Hi-Res audio format is still a challenge. There are not many digital recordings with high sampling frequency and high bit depth (above 24 bits/48 kHz).

Essentially, when it comes to streaming services with high-quality sound, Tidal is the only choice. You may not have heard of this service and want to get the answer to the question: does anyone use Tidal, and if it really is a convenient application with high-quality music.

To start with, the service is owned by famous rapper and hip-hop producer Jay Z. He bought the application for $65 million and made his celebrity friends co- owners in 2015. So, after that moment, fans of the rapper and his friends started actively downloading Tidal and listening to high-quality music. In addition to all the benefits of the service, users are also regularly offered exclusive content from the co-owner stars.

All these factors contributed to the popularity of the service and made it a fairly strong competitor to Spotify. The creators also announce that the number of subscribers is growing rapidly and already it counts more than 3 million persons.

Of course, this platform has its quirks but it allows you to stream music in 24 bit/96kHz format. No one of the popular music applications can offer such services. The good news is that most modern receivers have a network connection, so, it’s easy to make Tidal a streaming source for your music system.

If you’re a passionate fan of different music stars who publish their exclusive content on the service, or if you’re a strong audiophile looking for songs of high-quality sound, then Tidal is a really great app to draw your attention. It’s ready to offer subscribers a huge library of more than 70 million tracks, as well as 250,000 HD-quality clips. In addition, you can watch concert recordings. Also, it’s available offline if you happen to lose your Wi-Fi access.

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If you’re ready to switch to a new platform with high-quality music, the comfortable service MusConv can help you to move all your music data from the old service to the new one. All you need to do is download the application and complete the registration process.