Does Apple Music backup to iCloud?

Music has become an indispensable part of our day-to-day activities. There are people who just listen to the radio in the car or watch music channels on TV. But, more and more people are starting to use streaming services.

Does Apple Music backup to iCloud?

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One of the most successful music applications at the moment is the Apple Music platform. Currently, the number of its subscribers is measured in millions. The reason for its popularity is convenience, especially, for owners of Apple devices.

For as low cost as $10 a month, the platform offers you the following great features:

  • millions of songs from various artists;
  • user-friendly interface with a huge list of genres for your convenience;
  • access to content from several different devices;
  • web version of the application;
  • built-in radio station;
  • recommended track collections that change weekly;
  • lyrics mode.

In addition to all these benefits, people also like the ability to listen to music offline. To do so, you need to have some free space in your storage. Just select the compositions you want to save and enjoy them!

However, if you think that you can save tracks to your phone this way and stop using Apple Music, that’s certainly not the case. Special audio file encryption won’t provide you with that option.

The only way to save your library in case of unexpected data loss would be to back it up. For such purposes, Apple offers iCloud. It is fully integrated into the ecosystem and works well with Apple Music. For this reason, the answer to the question, “Does Apple Music backup to iCloud? is Yes!

Another question would be, “How is it possible to do this?”. In fact, enabling the  backup of your music to iCloud is quite easy. To do so, you’ll need to follow the procedure described below:

  1. Go to the main settings of your gadget;
  2. Select the Music section;
  3. Then find the iCloud Music Library function and enable it (if it is not enabled by default already);
  4. Select Keep Music from the options offered to you in the window that appears;
  5. Wait a while until the service performs the operation and enjoy the result.

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If you want to stop using Apple Music but are afraid of losing your music library, we have a great option for you! Use the special Musconv platform to migrate to any other music platform. The software will transfer any amount of music content. Apple encryption is absolutely not a problem in this case. Musconv algorithms are able to perform this procedure absolutely smoothly. For this reason, do not think too long! Download this program and start working with us.