Does Apple Music delete your library? How long does Apple Music keep your library?

Just about 15-20 years ago, to listen to a song or to watch a concert, you had to approach the matter very thoroughly. First of all, you had to find a shop where it was sold or a place where you could listen to or watch what you really liked. Moreover, you have to pay for this little pleasure.

Does Apple Music delete your library? How long does Apple Music keep your library?

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Apple corporation has offered its customers a more comfortable variant of consumption of music content. Therefore, the developers have launched the Apple Music application.

Apple Music is an ordinary streaming service. Its working principles are:

  • you download the application to your device (most iPhones already have it by default);
  • create a personal account in this service and start a free testing period;
  • after that period is over, you should pay for your membership according to current package tariffs.

As it turns out, this option is very convenient for many people. You are able to build up a music collection that contains many thousands of popular tracks. Moreover, you can arrange tracks into playlists and share them with other people.

However, here’s the key difference between streaming and the way we used to consume content. In the past, we purchased content forever. That is, for example, if we bought a Beatles vinyl record, we could keep it for a lifetime.

Streaming, on the other hand, doesn’t give you the right to own the tracks. You just pay to listen to music but you can’t keep it as your property.

According to this information, it would be logical to answer various questions, for example: Does Apple Music delete your library?” and “How long does Apple Music keep your library?”

As a reminder, you have to pay for your Apple Music membership monthly. But if you happen to be a little late with your payment, or something has gone wrong, the service will help you with that. Streaming will hold your library for a month. That means that any time you’ve paid your subscription, the Apple Music service will recover all your music content.

If you haven’t paid for your subscription within the time period specified above, the Apple platform will delete your favorite compositions. If you want to use this streaming service again, you will need to collect your music playlists from scratch.

If you dream about leaving the streaming service from Apple but are still afraid of losing your songs, we can help. The special convenient MusConv software can transfer your stored files to another streaming service without any problem. Imagine how convenient that is! No more searching for each song manually.

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By the way, if the reason for dropping Apple was the price of the subscription, we recommend migrating to a service with free access. Another option could also be a platform with a lower price. In our list of music services, you can find a package that will be perfect for you.