Does Apple Music mess up your library?

Apple Music has not yet managed to take first place on the podium among music streaming services, but this music service cannot be called a failure.

Apple Music streaming does not have a free tariff plan with advertising, but only a three-month trial period. And then it acts exclusively for new users.

Although Apple Music has many options, and that they should somehow be integrated into the application, it is equally true that Apple should have been looking for a better solution for the huge list of options that appear in the drop-down menu.

Apple Music mess up your library

Despite these long menus, there are options that cannot be understood. If you can move to Apple Music on different tabs, you see a song of interest to you, forget about direct access to their artist or album.

The algorithms of the service are designed so that once a week the media library is updated. This happens not on the same day around the world, but in different countries on different days of the week. Periodic updating brings not only the new functionality of the service, but also the update of the music library.

If the user accidentally removes his collection of music on the service, then he will have to reassemble it from memory. But effective algorithms of musical recommendations, which Apple Music is famous for, can help him in this.

In its media library, the user can detect tracks that are downloaded by the service system itself. They are selected from the entire huge multimillion-dollar music catalog of this popular music streaming service based on previously listened music, as well as favorite genres and performers.

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On your computer, you can stream or download songs from the iCloud music library. If you click the iCloud button next to the corresponding song, this song is downloaded to your computer. If you double-click a song to play it as a regular song, the song will be broadcast without downloading.

If you are only interested in the streaming part and are not interested in local music on all your devices, do not use iCloud Music Library. Also now, many users have problems with the iCloud music library, especially those who have iTunes turned on. Reports include duplication, playlist errors, and metadata issues, including loss of album covers. Music purchased from the iTunes Store or mapped to the iTunes Store is automatically updated to 256 Kbps AAC files without DRM protection. Songs encoded using AIFF, Apple Lossless, or WAV are converted into AAC files at 256 Kbps, and then transferred to the iCloud music library.

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