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Does Apple Music pay more than Spotify?

Apple Music and Spotify are today considered the most popular music streaming services in the world. Apple Music is a streaming platform developed by the Apple team, and Spotify is a swedish development. In the first place in terms of popularity and the quantity of subscribers is today Spotify. It holds a stake in more than 30% of the global streaming music market and has more than 300 million subscribers, of which more than 140 million have issued a paid premium subscription. But Spotify also has a free version with slightly reduced capabilities.

Apple Music accounts for about 20% of the global music streaming market. The quantity of users is known that at the beginning of 2020 it exceeded 80 million people, more current information by the company from California has not yet been provided.

The average payment rate for one stream from Apple Music is $0.0073, and for Spotify – $0.00437.

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It would seem that if the swedish service is the largest in the world, then it should pay more. But it’s not. Firstly, because half of Spotify users use its free version. Secondly, the hypertemps of the company’s development forced its owners to decide and pay a minimum amount of royalties to musical performers. And, thirdly, the swedish service pursues a loyal policy towards subscribers from economically weak countries, where its cost is much lower than, for example, in the United States.

Apple Music, in turn, can only be obtained using a paid subscription method. By the way, in the United States it is the development of Apple that is in first place in terms of popularity and the quantity of subscribers. The cost of advertising on this streaming service is higher. These factors provide high profits for Apple Music. The owners of the service decided to pay a larger percentage of the profit to musical artists. A higher level of payments makes Apple Music a more attractive, in terms of earnings, platform for posting its own music content.

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