Does Apple own Spotify?

Today, the music streaming service market is developing with hyper-tempos all over the world. The swedish music streaming service Spotify and Apple’s – Apple Music are at the top of the list of most popular streaming music services.

At the end of 2020, Spotify held over 30% of the global streaming music market.

In second place in the world is Apple Music, it boasts 70 million subscribers and 19% of the global market.

Both streaming services are direct competitors. They are fighting a fierce competition for their listeners on different continents and in different countries, constantly increasing the number of paid subscribers and offering more and more services. Some time ago, Apple has been working hard to prevent the launch of a swedish streaming service in the United States of America.

A few years later, the companies reached an agreement and Spotify was included in the App Store. At the same time, Apple takes 30% of the profits. This decision was prompted by the need to expand Spotify’s audience. But this partial integration does not mean that Apple Music has acquired shares in the swedish company and has ownership of it.

Spotify runs on its own servers, which have nothing to do with the well-known apple corporation.

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It’s no secret that both streaming services are mostly used by music industry figures to promote their new work. Both pay performers high royalties for featured music.

Relations between the two companies are tense. Although the global streaming music market is still developing, analysts predict that with an annual audience growth of 25%, very soon the competition for listener and subscriber will become even more fierce.

So, let’s draw a conclusion. Both mega-popular music streaming services are standalone and Spotifu is not owned by Apple Music.

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