Does Apple still support iTunes?

The information that Apple completely ceased to support iTunes intrigued some users who were used to using this very virtual music store for twenty years of its impeccable work. But the corporation continues to support its product. The restrictions so far have affected only some users.

In the case of Windows, music lovers are still offered the iTunes application, which in addition to Apple Music has a built-in store iTunes with all types of content.

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In the case of its own platforms, Apple provides a special music application that combines local music and music transmitted from the Internet. Thus, the created library can contain songs from both sources, which is very convenient. In the case of Windows, the iTunes application is still offered, which in addition to Apple Music has a built-in store iTunes with all types of content (music, films, books) – its main role is to play local music, but it also works well for streaming songs from Apple Music. For people who have a vast local music collection and want to supplement it with works from Apple Music, this is a rather convenient solution, unfortunately, the program itself has been slow for many years.

However, Apple Music for Android is focused only on music from the cloud and does not allow you to play local music files. Relatively recently, Apple Music also works on the Apple Watch (to which we connect Bluetooth headphones directly), and the service itself allows you to stream music or load it into the device’s memory.

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Apple Music allows you to create your own playlists, mark albums, songs and artists as favorites, listen to Internet radio (in the form of real Internet stations and playlists compiled using algorithms). The service has an extensive opportunity to display lyrics with the ability to search by words, and the catalog also includes music videos and recordings of live performances. The platform, of course, supports offline mode, which allows you to download songs into the device’s memory and play them without an Internet connection. At the first launch of the service, you will be asked to choose your favorite genres and performers so that the recommendations are as personalized as possible. Later, you will be able to expect information about new releases of your favorites.

Apple has so far continued to support iTunes, but it is likely that by the end of 2021 the application will be completely stopped and its support will cease.

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