Does Bandcamp Own My Music?

If you are serious about distributing your music and making a decent income from it, then you cannot help but worry about who will own the rights to your music after it is transferred to a distributor or music service.

Digital distribution companies are gradually turning into one-stop royalty-collecting services for musicians. You need music distribution services if you want to publish your work.

Not only will they post your music, but they will also collect all the royalties from listening to the melody and song around the world – you do not have to worry about declaring income and collecting money. Some of the companies listed below come close to such a scenario. Nevertheless, no one has yet been able to implement music distribution in the simplest and most convenient way.

You can use several distributors at once, but you cannot send the same release to the same sites through different services.

Services do not get the rights to the music. These are not music labels. Even if the distributor offers you any “label services” you retain 100% rights to your music. The commission that the services withhold is nothing more than the payment for their publication and fundraising services. The calculations are strictly based on the final revenue from music sales.

Bandcamp is no exception to the general rule. Of course, most other distributors don’t offer these services at all. However, this business model has been proven to work, and giving 15% of the revenue to the service for sales is somehow not at all difficult, especially in comparison with other music streaming services like the Swedish Spotify.

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There is no doubt: the application is very convenient and intuitive, with a simple overview of the promotion results. If you have begun to gain popularity, then the service can offer you marketing assistance (money for PR, airplay on the radio) and pitching playlist admins.

It is worth noting that there are quite respectable artists in the Bandcamp portfolio. This music selling service is successfully operating not only in the United States of America, where it was created and located today, but practically all over the world. Of course, it is very far, for example, from the Swedish music streaming service Spotify or its American counterpart Apple Music, which have hundreds of millions of users.

But it is Bandcamp that is considered a very good platform for aspiring artists. If you place your song in this online music store, you do not lose the rights to it in any way.

That is, the artist simply uploads his music to Bandcamp and grants this company the right to become his authorized sub-licensee and distributor. This means that the service only has the right to represent the interests of this or that artist, but not the copyright to the results of his work posted by him on the service.

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