Does Beatstars Take A Percentage?

The beat-making market has radically democratized over the past 15 years: if earlier eminent producers exclusively wrote music for big rap artists for impressive fees, now it is not uncommon for superstars to be helped to create hits by yesterday’s debutants. And vice versa: freshmen can easily find and buy beats from producers who work with first-tier rappers. At the same time, the beat market has become more complex, many issues still require clarification.

The main showcase, repository of beats and a place of power for beatmakers from all over the world is the BeatStars website, where you can find both free and paid beats. Bits can be obtained on this site for leasing. Typically, the word “leasing” refers to the temporary lease of property or real estate. In the musical environment, leasing means buying a certain package of rights to a beat.

Beats on lease are usually used by novice artists who cannot afford to buy exclusive beats (or simply want to save money), but at the same time want to act in a legal field. Remember, almost the only advantage of renting beats is the low price.

Promotion on Beatstars allows beatmakers to quickly monetize their profiles. But, of course, for this you need to work hard, study trends, tracks that are popular for downloading, you have to monitor daily, set up advertising campaigns. On the marketplace, it is possible to set up licenses for the use of your bits. There, for each of them, a price is set and other frameworks for permits or prohibitions.

If regular listeners use the free version, then those who want to earn with BeatStars and monetize their profile should subscribe. For a month it will cost less than $ 20 and it is important to try to get into the top chart, which is updated weekly. On the site, it will be possible to track the statistics of listening and sales, watch alerts, trending search queries, and chat within the network. Among the site options, the Memberships tab stands out.

BeatStars has the ability to download a certain number of your bits during a set period. Directly in the settings, it is written on what date this offer is valid, how many tracks can be downloaded.

For successful monetization, it is necessary to register the account data of the payment system. It is possible to add a PayPal or Stripe account. The latter is convenient for accepting payments from all over the world, but for the CIS countries there are difficulties with registration and it is best to purchase or rent an already warmed up profile.

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BeatStars is ideal for home producers working in collaboration with other artists, streaming and leasing. Members of the Pro and Unlimited packages receive 100% of all track sales. Free members keep only 70% of the income.

BeatStars deservedly has a reputation as one of the best platforms for selling or leasing music on the worldwide web. It aims to bring together all the creative people of the music industry, who in this way come together to create new musical works and co-create.

BeatStars is also the only service in the world that provides its own app and combined streaming services for artists to earn money for playing and listening. This site can be used for free, but in this case it is possible to place no more than 10 bits and there are other restrictions on functionality. And you can purchase its basic version for $9.99 per month.

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