Does BTS use autotune?

Autotune is a vocal effect that corrects off-key vocals, creating an artificial harmony. It has been used by singers such as Cher and Kanye West to help them hit the right notes. However, the overuse of autotune can be detrimental to certain types of music. Some people have begun calling it “robotic” or even “uncanny.” Furthermore, some people believe that its excessive use in popular songs are harming today’s generation from developing their own musical tastes. 

The problem with autotune is that it takes away the human element. Singers and vocalists used to have to sing on pitch, but now they can simply just sound good without any training or skill because of this handy tool.

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If you really think about it, people who are as good as they claim to be don’t need to tools to make their voices sound better. In its most basic form, Autotune has been a tool to make imperfect voices sound better by correcting any flaws or mistakes that are sung. It is designed to help people who cannot sing as well as others can, or people who don’t have enough time to practice singing every day and they need a little bit of help so their voice sounds good on the radio or in front of crowds.

Also, when looking at how producers use it in production to create melodies and harmonies with minimal effort, it becomes clear that there’s more to the issue than many would like to admit. The problem with autotune is not necessarily its use by artists as a tool for melody creation or vocal correction; rather, the issue lies in how artists utilize it in order to generate music that requires significantly less work, craftsmanship, and discipline. And what are those songs worth? The answer is: less. So who’s the bad guy, huh? 

Tadah! Autotune is actually used in every performance by BTS, or so the rumors say (so goes the established narrative).

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