Does Charlie Puth use autotune?

Autotune is a device that can detect and correct the pitch of out-of-tune singing. Autotune is used in order to make vocals more audible, as well as change their tone so they are less piercing. Autotuning may be either global or selective, with different methods for each. The effect of an autotuned voice is comparable to that of a vocoder but without its robotic sound, although some people still complain about it sounding more robotic than a voice without using this tech. 

It was originally developed by Antares Audio Technologies for use in its AutoTune program as an audio plug-in for digital audio workstations and music sequencers, which uses proprietary algorithms to analyze pitch in vocal tracks and then shifts those pitches so they are closer to correct notes. 

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The purpose of autotune is to tune your voice so it sounds perfect, and for the most part, it does this very well. People mainly use autotune because they have some sort of imperfection in their voice or singing ability. Some people say that using autotune isn’t right because it’s like cheating, but a commonplace viewpoint is: you should be able to do whatever you want with your voice. 

Charlie Puth actually admitted to using Autotune, which may surprise you. Do you think that’s cheating? 

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