Does Cubase LE Support VST3?

Cubase LE is considered a light version of the popular music writing and editing software. It costs less than $ 100 a year and is the cheapest version of the software. This version can be used by students of specialized music educational institutions, teachers, educational institutions themselves and religious organizations. To get such a cheap subscription, you need to document your membership in the listed categories.

So, Cubase LE is a simplified version of the program of the same name. It differs in the limited number of created tracks and the number of VST loaded into one project. Most often it is supplied on disk, as an accompanying software for musical equipment.

The program is registered through the official Steinberg website. To activate, you need to create an account and enter a serial number.

The question of working with VST3 plugins worries many potential users of the program. With the help of these sound plug-ins, it became possible to adjust the number of audio buses to the parameters of the audio channel to which these buses were connected. Depending on the options selected, this could be monaural sound, stereo sound, or home theater features. The product includes about 30 audio MIDI plug-ins, as well as a high-quality equalizer.

With the Control Room function, it became possible to connect multiple external audio sources and control monitors at once to your audio equipment. The Control Room helps you switch between installed equipment via talkback.

The features of this version of the popular program are:

• Full integration with external studio equipment.

• Support for MIDI instruments, external audio interfaces, VST3 standard.

• Improved sound engine and plugin manager.

• The maximum possible number of audio tracks – 48, MIDI – 64.

• You cannot use more than 8 inserts in a channel.

• A maximum of 8 VSTi is allowed in a project at a time.

Even if the program was downloaded via torrent, the LE version must be activated. This can be done through the official Steinberg website. The program will automatically redirect you through your browser to the Steinberg official website. Here you need to create an account, enter a real email address (for confirmation).

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A message about successful registration will be sent to the specified e-mail address. After that, on the site, open the “Activation and reactivation” section and select the subsection that will correspond to the selected version.

Cubase LE can be used not only by amateurs, but also by professionals. This version of the application can be called universal. It is designed as a product for the poorest categories of subscribers, but at the same time it has most of the advantages of the consolidated paid versions of the program.

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