Does DDJ-SX2 Come With Serato?

The Japanese music equipment manufacturer Pioneer is famous for its quality and a wide range of different models of controllers and other equipment for DJs. Among them is the two-channel controller DDJ-SX2.

In fact, the DDJ-SX2 is an upgraded version of the very popular DDJ-SR controller among DJs. It has gained a reputation as an efficient and reliable instrument in the hands of the professional DJ.

It’s optimized to work with Serato DJ software, but it also has dedicated buttons for accessing new features. The fact that the equipment has a professional level can be judged by the pre-installed software for DJs. Serato DJ Pro is a paid premium version of the popular software.

You can usually purchase DJ equipment with Serato Lite. This is an upgraded free version of the application, which has significantly reduced functionality compared to the professional version.

Of course, pre-installed software from a popular manufacturer does not mean that the equipment will not work with other software. But at the same time, it is Serato DJ Pro, which is licensed with the DDJ-SX2, that works most effectively with it.

The pre-installed software from a popular brand not only speaks of the seriousness of the equipment offered. This is a successful marketing move that not only increases the value of this tool in the eyes of professional and novice DJs, but also allows them to save a lot of money. After all, now they do not have to worry about acquiring effective software with which they can fully unleash the full range of features of the DDJ-SX2.

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Additional buttons are far from the only innovation of the developer that distinguishes the improved model from the original. Pioneer DDJ-SR2 has the following specifications:

  1. weight reduced by 800 grams and now is 3.7 kg;
  2. Needle Search – two touch strips;
  3. two additional LED-indicators of the available signal level – in the previous model it was necessary to switch between the master outputs and signal level indication;
  4. multicolor illumination of all performance pads.

The possibilities of using the Pioneer DDJ-SR2 have also been expanded. now it can be used as a DVS system. To do this, you will need to separately purchase a Serato DVS license. There are also additional options for connecting the controller.

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