Does Deezer help artists?

The music industry evolves and gets more large-scale every year. Regularly we get new genres, artists, and popular great hits. Do you want to keep up with all the latest music, but also have access to the classics? Streaming services offer all the advantages for fans. One application will give you the whole music world. Just listen to it and enjoy it.

Does Deezer help artists?

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One of the underrated streaming platforms is Deezer. It may seem inconspicuous against the giants like well-known Spotify and Apple Music. However, this music platform is really worth paying attention to. 

As well as being completely cost-free, Deezer offers subscribers the following benefits:

  • sound of your favorite tracks in lossless format;
  • built-in karaoke function;
  • a variety of tariff plans and attractive prices, as for offered sound quality;
  • very intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • Flow function that selects the recommended music for you;
  • possibility to listen to tracks on any device, from a phone or tablet to a stereo system or Car Play.

All of these features are really worth your attention. Users especially like the Flow function. According to their feedback, it works perfectly, and the recommendations are very accurate.

However, apart from the listeners, the service has another side where the artists are. Is it profitable for aspiring singers to post content on this streaming service? And, does Deezer help artists?

In the past few years, developers have introduced many great innovations. A lot of them are aimed specifically at performers. Here are a few of the most notable features.

  1. Home Sessions. This is a large playlist that’s available to all streaming users. It contains various songs from new artists that have been recorded in home studios. It can even be cover versions of songs from more popular singers. That way, if a newcomer performs well, he or she will definitely receive a lot of attention.
  2. Stay At Home With…” playlist series. A great opportunity for both newcomers and well-known artists to demonstrate their musical tastes. You, as the artist, can compile your playlist and curate it yourself. As it becomes popular, the attention to your creativity will increase too.

The options suggested by the developers could be a great start for your music career. If you’re really talented and motivated, you’re sure to find fans on the Deezer platform.

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