Does Denon Prime 2 work with Serato?

Denon Prime 2 is considered to be one of the most famous controllers in the DJing industry. It has been used by both professionals and beginners.

Does Denon Prime 2 work with Serato?

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However, what do you know about it? Are you sure that you are aware of all program’s features? If your answer is not, just follow our post and we will tell you everything you need to know.

Denon Prime 2 is a standalone system that combines dual-deck functionality with built-in Wi-Fi, a bright touchscreen, and the same intuitive navigation as the flagship Prime 4 DJ system. It has a lot of cool features like an HD touchscreen interface, multi-core internal processor, and others.

Nonetheless, the most interesting thing is that it uses Engine Prime software which offers native support for Traktor and Rekordbox libraries.

However, what about Serato? Does Denon Prime 2 work with Serato? The answer is quite simple. Yes, it is designed to be used with Serato as well.

What is more, Denon Prime 2, like all devices of the series, allows users to connect to streaming services. Currently, it supports Sound Cloud Go+, Beatsource Link, Beatport LINK, and Tidal. If you don’t use streaming services like these, you can add your songs from cloud storage Dropbox easily.

Denon Prime 2 is a useful controller which was designed for beginners and professionals. It is an intuitive device that allows everyone feels like a pro. However, do you know what service can bring you the same feeling? 

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MusConv displays Spotify playlists for transfer to other music services

Take a serious look at MusConv, a special service that allows its customers to transfer tracks, albums, playlists, artist biographies, and other musical content from one platform to another. It has access to more than 125 musical apps like Tidal, Spotify, and Sound Cloud and can make work done in minutes.

All in all, the best way to get a pro feeling is to find devices and services whiсh will be the most suitable for your needs. If you believe that Denon Prime 2 or MusConv is the best one, just rely on it and enjoy the process.