Does Denon prime 4 work with Rekordbox?

DJ industry is teeming with new equipment. However, do you know which DJ system is considered to be one of the best? Take a look at Denon Prime 4, a complete and self-sufficient device for DJing.

Does Denon prime 4 work with Rekordbox?

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If you have never heard about it or still have doubts that it’s worth your attention, just follow our post and we’ll convince you otherwise.

Denon Prime 4 is a well-known DJ system that is appreciated by thousands of DJs around the world. It’s an advanced device that doesn’t require a laptop. Every user can bring his songs on a flash drive, connect and start to mashup his tracks. 

Being an all-in-one system, it allows users to control up to 4 decks simultaneously. What is more, Denon prime 4 can be easily used as a controller for such DJ software as Virtual DJ and Serato DJ. However, what about Rekordbox? Does Denon prime 4 work with Rekordbox?

The answer is quite simple. As Denon prime 4 is considered to be an autonomous device, it can read Rekordbox drives natively. Thanks to this opportunity, Rekordbox users can connect their media devices and import music easily.

Moreover, Denon prime 4 offers native support for Serato and Traktor libraries. That’s why everyone can import his songs collections and prepare them for autonomous playback.

Last but not the least; it has a built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet Link. Thereby, Denon prime 4 can connect their users to streaming services like Beatport LINK, Tidal, Sound Cloud Go+, and Beatsource LINK. If they don’t use such streaming platforms, it can connect them to Dropbox.

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