Does DJ Pro work with Spotify?

The music industry has changed over the years, and many people are opting to use streaming services like Spotify instead of CDs or vinyl. But if you’re a DJ who relies on using turntables and records, it can be difficult to make your sets sound their best without additional tools. 

DJs need tools to help them do their job. Spotify is a great place for DJs to find new music, but they also need DJ tools so that they can remix songs or play music live. Here’s what these tools allow you to do:

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  • Mix tracks on the fly with any laptop 
  • Find new songs on Spotify 
  • Download free samples and loops online 
  • Create your own tracks from scratch using production software like Ableton Live 10 Lite 

One of the best tools out there is DJ pro. The question is, will you still get this service now? Well, Spotify was supposed to unsupport the app on July 1st 2020 but some apps still work while others have been rewired to continue working.

Well, Houston, we seem to have a problem. But hey, as you know, for every problem there’s a techie that will find a way around it.

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