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Does DJAY Pro work with the Spotify app?

DJay 2 is a program that will be useful both for beginners and advanced DJs alike. It combines all the necessary tools for club music lovers, yet is extremely easy to learn and use.

Does DJay 2 work with Apple music?

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The application can replace a DJ desk. It provides:

  • a very pleasant and precise visualization of music;
  • can work with third-party devices such as MIDI keyboards;
  • contains a rather extensive library of sound effects and is tightly integrated with the music library of the portable device.

Music tracks for DJay 2 mixing can also be taken from streaming services. But to do so, you’ll first need to connect your account to the appropriate program. However, of course, it’s worth mentioning that the application will not work with all music platforms. This also relates to answering the question Does DJay 2 work with Apple music? You will not be able to use tracks from this streaming service for DJing. The only solution is to use iTunes, tracks from this application you can mix in DJay 2.

In general, you are able to work with DJay 2 everywhere. The appearance of the working window can be customized to your tastes and needs. Additionally, DJay 2 allows you to record music and voice to the built-in portable microphone and supports the most common music formats.

If the features of the basic version are not enough, you can download the DJay Pro application. Here you can mix up to four tracks at once instead of two. The visual stream is not displayed in dedicated mode only, but also in a turntable version. And, on the contrary, if you find these features too much, then using the free version of DJay 2 may be suitable for you. The only drawback is that it does not have a sampler.

Some people, however, claim that the application has disadvantages. The price of this program (if we talk about the paid version) is considered to be a disadvantage. But, the opinion of professional DJs certainly differs from this position. Buying a DJ board and vinyl records are much more expensive than just paying for the application. Besides, the quality of DJing with such a program is just as good as on physical equipment.

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Do you want to change your streaming app to use it for DJing? MusConv can help with transferring all your music content to the new platform. All you need to do is select a target streamer, select the music you want to transfer from the old service, and click the Transfer button. It all takes just a couple of minutes but is very comfortable.