Does DJAY Pro work with Spotify?

For DJP fans, DJAY Pro is undoubtedly one of the best apps. The program boasts impressive compatibility with most recording and remixing devices. You can easily connect the application to external audio input devices.

The program provides very high sound quality and effects. It works with professional sound equipment, such as MIDI controllers and external sound cards. Excellent song synchronization tools that support up to four sound tracks at the same time, changing the tempo and pitch height, also deserve attention. This is also the first program that automatically finds similar tracks that should combine well with the main soundtrack.

Interestingly, DJAY Pro can also be used to display rendering on an external screen or projector. The program allows you to combine video clips live, apply visual effects, layers, transitions and subtitles to them, and, above all, use sound to create a synchronized image.

And even before mid-2020, this application worked perfectly with the Swedish streaming music service Spotify. But since July 1 of this year, the interaction has ceased. And this applies not only to this, but also to most DJ applications.

Such a fateful decision caused an acute negative reaction of the DJ community. And this is not surprising, because until recently they considered the popular streaming service an inexhaustible source of music for their work, because the huge media library of Swedish streaming exceeds 70 million compositions for every taste.

Now finding the right music and feeling as confident as possible for DJs has become much more difficult. But the way out was quickly found. They became specialized music services, with the help of which you can convert streaming tracks into another format with which DJ applications work.

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In particular, one of the most popular and effective was the specialized application MusConv. This is a service with which you can quickly and easily convert music to the desired format.

Music experts have so far agreed that Spotify will not resume work with DJ applications in the near future. Therefore, DJs choose either other streaming services, or actively use intermediary services, with the help of which you can quickly find and convert music into the desired format.

But among the huge number of intermediary services, it is necessary to choose one that, as a result of the conversion, will in no way be able to reduce the quality of music and fulfill this task as quickly as possible.

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