Does GarageBand 2 for iOS?

Apple has been using GarageBand music production software on its gadgets for years. The second version of this app for iOS was recently released.

This version of the popular program is suitable for musicians of all categories – both for those who begin their ascent to the musical Olympus, and for those who have already climbed it for a long time.

Updating GarageBand to the latest version adds an updated Sound Library section with new loops and samples. The total volume of all sounds is enormous, and Apple notes that you will need an iPhone or iPad with 32GB or more of storage to install all of the samples. For those whose smartphone has only 16 GB of memory, it is possible to preview any loop and sample before downloading it to the device.

The program has added a new instrument Beat Sequencer – a simple drum module suitable for electronic music. The Beat Sequencer adds the functionality of classic drum machines to your mobile DAW to easily create beats and drum parts. Inside the module are 12 different drum kits and 25 bit blanks. Along with the Beat Sequencer module, new instruments from China and Japan have been added to GarageBand 2.3. So, the program included Japanese taiko drums and a Chinese string instrument Guzheng. Any Asian instrument can be used in conjunction with the scales and scales of Western music, which potentially adds more interest to the music. The GarageBand update also brings three new drummers to the program, with a playstyle suitable for Latin, pop, and Singer-Songwriter songs.

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Finally, improvements have been made to the protocol for working with Audio Unit Extensions, thanks to which developers have been able to integrate their own iOS synthesizers with the mobile version of GarageBand. Along with this, support for the screens of the new iPhone X was added to the program.

Users can also enjoy the usual effects – distortion and bass booster, piano editor, delay, limiter, reverb and built-in compressor. Finally, users can also import MIDI files from other DAWs. The new version is compatible with third-party manufacturers and has built-in multi-channel support for instrument and bank quality settings. In addition, the interface of the new version of the application is quite responsive and focused on the workflow, so music industry newcomers will be able to easily create their own songs. Other interesting features of the app are beautiful analog filters that simulate classic hardware models.

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