Does Mac Use VST Or AU?

The advent of the Internet has changed the paradigm of the music industry. Gone are the days when legions of aspiring musicians were looking for record labels to record professional quality music. With the stream of free music creation software or DAWs, anyone can compose beautiful tunes in the comfort of their home and release hits to be admired by the whole world. Although music creation has become extremely easy, finding the best free music production software is tedious. The problem is compounded by the fact that there are many expensive plugins on the market that do not recommend using free music production software. Sometimes macOS owners can’t figure out exactly which plug-in formats for music programs are most suitable for their operating system.

I would like to note right away that whether it is Mac OS X or Windows (7, 8 and Windows 10), all DAWs should be selected according to several criteria, such as ease of use and responsiveness of the user interface. To select the right DAW, you need to make sure that factors such as compatibility with third party VSTs are considered.

The AU (Audio Units) plug-in format was developed by Apple. Accordingly, the software also belongs to her. This format provides a list of specific APIs and musical effects that allow macOS and iOS to generate, process, and manipulate audio signals with minimal latency.

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There are no fundamental differences between the AU and VST formats. Oddly enough it sounds, but AU is simply a more advanced copy of VST for working on «apple» systems. Developers and advanced users will be able to convert plugins from one format to another. The «apple» plugin format also does not stand still and is constantly being improved by its creators. There is even the most modern version – AUv3. Today universal plug-ins for iPhone, iPad and Mac are being created that will work effectively on all equipment of the corporation from Cupertino. AU is slightly better than VST, but this software is supposed to run exclusively on Apple hardware. It is clearly not suitable for use on other operating systems.

AU works in real time to process the effects and integrate them harmoniously into the musical composition. The capabilities of this plugin format are unmatched as users can customize whatever they want at their whim. But keep in mind that this is only possible on Mac computers. In other cases, this plugin format, in principle, will be able to work, but no one can guarantee that this work will be permanent and effective.

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