Does Napster still exist?

Today Napster is a little forgotten, although a few years ago this brand was on everyone’s lips, because the services of this peer-to-peer file-sharing network were in great demand.

Napster was created back in 1999 by Jordan Ritter and Sean Parker. Sean, by the way, is one of the founders of Facebook.

Napster was the progenitor of the music streaming system. Napster provided an excellent opportunity for music lovers to share music and songs that are sometimes difficult to find – old recordings and songs from concerts, users could download music in digital form. And that was before CDs were popular.

But the popularity of the service did not prevent Metallica from winning a lawsuit. The musicians accused Napster of open copyright infringement when the song Metallica sounded on the service a few days before its official release. After a lengthy legal battle, Metallica and Napster came to a definite agreement. But the service practically ceased to exist after that.

The rebirth of Napster dates back to 2008, when it was acquired by the American company Rhapsody. It was then that the revival of the once popular brand began.

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Today Napster is an online music store and the official streaming music service, which is connected with the old Napster except by name. The app of the same name is compatible with Android and IOS.

You can get the application by subscription, which is inexpensive. The subscriber will be given one month to use the free trial to get started.

Today Napster works, it is popular. But he, of course, is far from the world leaders of the music streaming market. But for many, it will become an interesting alternative version that will provide access to more than 40 million music tracks, as well as many convenient options that make listening to it more comfortable.

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