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Does Playlist push actually pay?

Push notifications are a popular tool for interaction with the audience today. They are short messages addressed to users after opening the site. Visually, this addressing often comes on behalf of the browser. Push notifications are successfully used to send advertising content, user information, trigger mailing, etc. This marketing trend, due to its speed, is considered today one of the most effective ways to develop business projects. Push notifications help attract the user to the site.

This is the basis adopted for its development by the specialized site Playlist push. You can register for it by becoming a music curator.

Since the basis of the musician’s monetization is the time of listening to his music, this directly depends on its number in the playlists of ordinary users. So for posting tracks in accounts where there are many subscribers, namely more than 400, you can ask for a partner reward and receive it. The work is based on a partner program, which has long been offering monetization of playlists in the storm. Moreover, almost all music streaming services.


In fact, it is proposed to promote your account and get the status of a curator. Then the partner will send new songs, and they need to be analyzed, written a review, added to the playlist. For this they offer from $1 to $20. The network on average talks about $12. It’s real earnings per hour.

The service needs to attach its payment details, which will receive the earned funds. Or use one of the international payment systems.

The question is how realistic this is. So far, you can read not so many reviews about working with this site on the Internet.

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For starters, it should be understood that this work is not so simple. It will not be possible to lie on the beach on the seashore and make money from the air. This is possible, but not in this case. So, some write that in addition to 400 subscribers to the profile, you need another thousand subscribers to the playlist itself and it is necessary to update it every day. Apparently, this explains such numerous references to the exchange.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this way, you just need to spend a little time. It is also necessary to be well guided in the work of the service itself. To do this, you need a little experience, which, however, will definitely come during work.

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