Does Rekordbox work with Tidal?

In our world, it is true that a lot of people cannot imagine their lives without music. Some people just listen to it, others make money with it. If you belong to the second category, perhaps, the topic we are going to discuss today will be relevant to you.

Does Rekordbox work with tidal?

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So, today we’re going to talk about Rekordbox, which is widely known in DJ circles. It’s a professional DJ-platform, with which you can both manage music from the cloud and come up with something creative for the performances.

Rekordbox allows users to simplify DJ processes. With the platform, you can work with music from anywhere in the world using any device that is connected to the cloud service. Also, the platform supports all Pioneer DJ equipment.

With a recent update, the developers have improved and redesigned the process of music editing, which allows users to generate customized versions of their tracks. However, many people are also interested to know does Rekordbox work with Tidal with the latest update? The answer is yes. Many fans have been waiting for this for a long time because now it is possible to enjoy the playback of high-quality music without any problems.

So, in order to have music played from the streaming platform Tidal, you should connect your Rekordbox with it and have Tidal’s Hi-Fi subscription. Then you will be able to transfer premium quality music from the music streaming service to your sets through Performance mode. This is a very beneficial upgrade; as everyone knows that Tidal has an extensive music catalog of 60 million tracks. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite tracks in great quality.

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