Does Resso Work In Indonesia?

Chinese technology company ByteDance, which developed TikTok, is currently actively promoting its social music streaming app Resso. So far, the app is very popular in only a few countries. These are India, Indonesia and Brazil. In the near future, the development company plans to enter the markets of other countries.

Resso has already been successfully tested in India and Indonesia before it enters the US and European markets. This app is said to be able to compete with Spotify and Apple Music.

There are a few features that make Resso different from Spotify and Apple Music, namely the lyrics that appear on the user’s screen while the music is playing, and users can upload song commentaries of their choice.

In addition, users can enter data in jpeg and gif formats to provide the background music they like, and this feature is called Vibes. People may like user uploaded Vibes and popular Vibes which is the default song background display. Resso can be installed on Android and iOS phones.

The application is aimed primarily at representatives of generation Z and millennials. Generation Z in Indonesia is about 60 million, and millennials are about 64 million people. As a result, the Chinese application has become very popular in a fairly large market, which is today’s Indonesia.

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Not only the large population, Generation Z and millennials in Indonesia are also very active on social media. According to Dizon, there are currently about 160 million active social media users in Indonesia.

In addition to social media, internet users in Indonesia have also begun to actively use music streaming apps. As of January 2022, there are 338.2 million internet connections in Indonesia, 84% of which use music streaming services for at least 1.5 hours every day.

Today, more than half of the active monthly users of the social music streaming app are in Indonesia. Not only is Resso a feature of the social network, but also a large selection of music and songs in the local language, which is very rare in other music streaming services. In addition, the subscription price is quite acceptable by the standards of Indonesia, where the average income of Indonesians, especially those living in rural areas, is not very high. But the country has good Internet coverage, which greatly contributes to the expansion of the number of users of the social streaming application, not only in Indonesian metropolitan areas, but also far beyond.

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