Does Serato DJ support Spotify?

The opportunity to use an amazing combination of songs in live performances is an amazing thing for DJs. And Spotify can be a great help in creating this amazing list and rollup.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a famous DJ? Or maybe stung them? If you accidentally love Spotify music at the same time and want all your songs to come from it, you should know the procedure you need to follow to import Spotify music into Serato (if you use it).

Serato DJ support Spotify

Spotify has gained popularity with a variety of features that it includes that are absolutely useful and very often used by people around the world. Today, it is Spotify that is the undisputed leader in the global music streaming market. It is very good that the Serato DJ application decided to join forces with the best music streaming services, including Spotify, SoundCloud, Tidal and others.

In fact, not only Serato Spotify, but many other developers did the same.

Serato is one of the leading sound and music creators enjoyed by music lovers around the world. The application was first released and known to the public in 1999, after which it expanded completely, gaining recognition from many producers, DJs and musicians in more than a hundred and ninety-nine countries. This application is designed to be intuitive, reliable, easy to use and filled with many effective functions. Serato offers many products – from free (trial) to paid (professional).

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To integrate music with this software, you should be able to choose your favorite songs from music streaming services, such as the Swedish music app Spotify. However, if you were previously one of many Spotify users around the world, you probably know that you can’t easily download Spotify songs directly from the app. Although you purchased and paid a subscription fee to take advantage of Spotify’s premium user, there is still a limitation. The reason is to protect your tracks with DRM (Digital Rights Management). Now the most difficult thing is to get these songs. The solution to the above dilemma is to convert and download Spotify songs using a wonderful third-party application. You must convert them to any format, such as MP3, WAV, FLAC or AAC, import these songs and transfer them to Serato DJ software. Only if you download these songs from Spotfy, you can import Spotify music into Serato.

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