Does Soundstripe Pay Artists?

Specialized websites allow you to search for and download copyright-free music for use in audiovisual works. This allows you to choose the perfect soundtrack for your videos and help you reach audiences on websites, YouTube channels, and independent radio and TV products. Files of this type, also called royalty-free, do not require permission from composers in order to be used.

Thus, the files can be used as background music for Internet videos by both YouTube users and professionals in editing and production companies. When registering and paying for a subscription, sites allow the download and use of video tracks. However, each service works with different types of subscriptions and benefits.


Soundstripe offers subscriptions that give you unlimited access to a database of song styles. With a simple and intuitive interface, Soundstripe offers full track playback and offers filters to refine the suggested results on the home page or while searching. The platform works with thematic playlists that registered users can subscribe to. The site offers monthly and annual subscription plans that provide unlimited access to songs and personalized playlists.

Soundstripe is undoubtedly the most dynamic and interactive on this list. Its homepage has filters to present songs according to the mood or feeling, the type of filmmaking, the musical genre, and the instruments present in the tracks. Added to the site’s extensive database, this feature guarantees endless combinations to find the perfect song for any platform production.

The Soundstripe subscription system also draws attention. The service offers monthly or yearly pricing for YouTubers and video editing professionals.

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Soundstripe offers a very intuitive interface that resembles the look and feel of Spotify and Tidal. It has a search tool, organizes songs in lists by musical style, and lets you listen to the entire file. The side screen offers quick filters to view tracks that use a certain instrument, fit the theme of the video, and represent a certain mood.

But is it profitable for independent artists to cooperate with this platform? According to the company, which was made public at the end of 2021, Soundstripe has paid over $2.5 million in royalties to its artists. While most of the music is produced in Nashville, Soundstripe attracts independent artists from all over the world from 18 different countries. This means that these artists are partnering with the service and posting their music content on it. Because Soundstripe operates on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, the royalty payment system for artists is somewhat different from what you see on major music streaming services like Spotify.

According to the company, Soundstripe’s music is produced for hire, but songwriters also receive 100% performance royalties when their songs are used.

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