Does Spotify Have Hi-Fi Music?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has long been firmly established as the leader in the global streaming market. But, despite all the obvious advantages, the green giant of streaming for a long time did not have one function that was very demanded by true music lovers – the service could not broadcast music in high quality.

But finally, the situation has changed and the corresponding function has appeared. The HiFi tariff will allow you to listen to music in CD quality in a lossless format. Spotify currently gives users 320 Kbps (Ogg Vorbis), and CD quality assumes a bitrate of 1411.2 Kbps. The ability to listen to music at a higher bit rate is already available on streaming services Amazon Music, Tidal and others. Moreover, most of them use high quality codecs that exceed the technical limitations of the CD format. And they’ll get the edge if Spotify ultimately decides to stick with standard CD quality (16-bit/44.1 kHz). Apple Music doesn’t have this feature yet.

Does Spotify Have Hi-Fi Music

The streaming service decided to keep up with the competition and provided users with the opportunity to listen to music in high definition, but with the caveat that this option will only be available “in certain markets.” Spotify HiFi will be part of the Premium subscription and will roll out gradually around the world. A limited list of selected countries will be announced shortly. So far, no one knows which countries have already ended up and will be on this list in the near future. Spotify is not specifying the bit rate or codec for its new Spotify HiFi audiophile mode. He currently uses Ogg Vorbis for desktop and mobile and AAC for the web. In the basic tariff, the bitrate of the audio stream is 320 Kbps.

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The emergence of a special HiFi tariff has become the latest trend in the world of streaming music. Indeed, every day the number of users of streaming music is growing exponentially, and the competition between market participants is becoming increasingly fierce. And high sound quality is undoubtedly the most important of the competitive advantages.

They used to say that the Swedish service can only provide lossy quality – the maximum bitrate is 320 Kbps (ogg vorbis), if music lovers are used to listening to music on physical media or in lossless formats (FLAC, ALAC), then they should choose Tidal or Deezer. And they chose these services. Spotify, on the other hand, was seen as something of a mass culture rather than highly professional and exclusive. With the advent of new opportunities, as the owners of the green streaming giant hope, real music lovers will also appear among their subscribers. Of course, as you might have guessed right away, the HiFi function is only available in the paid version of the world’s most popular streaming app.

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