Does Spotify Have Its Own Voice Assistant?

Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming services today and also allows you to use various voice assistants. Almost all users know that the Swedish music streaming service can be effectively managed in this way. But as it turns out, Spotify has its own voice assistant.

The Swedish streaming service will likely soon be able to be controlled on smartphones as well. Because it already fully works in the US. However, the application must be running in the foreground for this to work. To provide this speakerphone, users have to resort to the system’s own voice assistants. Since Spotify can be fully controlled with these voice assistants anyway, the new feature doesn’t add any value at first glance. Therefore, some sources explain this feature as pointing to the imminent arrival of Spotify hardware. Creating a voice assistant for the service doesn’t seem like the most necessary because, as mentioned earlier, many of them can be used with Spotify and the vast majority are compatible with the app.

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This feature is currently only available to some premium users who receive notification of a new tool. To use it, you must be inside the platform and have the screen turned on, otherwise it will not work. With the voice command “Hey Spotify”, the search for all the content that you have on the platform will be activated. The tool will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition to the command mentioned above, users in some countries already have the ability to play individual songs, playlists or radio stations. Playback can also be paused and resumed using voice commands. The innovation became available to a limited number of users of the service on devices running Android and iOS.

Spotify wants users to get used to voice control, which could be used with the Spotify car assistant, which may be released soon. In this case, of course, the car equipment will always be on, and then the assistant will work in full force. Spotify is currently rolling out this feature to its app so that its usage is the same in both the car and the app. Fans of the streaming service are also hoping that headphones that respond to “Hey Spotify” may appear in the not too distant future. The Spotify Assistant may not be as user-friendly as other voice assistants, but the music streaming giant is on the right way.

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