Does Spotify need WiFi?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is no. Would you like to know more? 

Essentially, Spotify is a streaming service which means it constantly downloads music to your device. Because it has to download it from somewhere, you need an external source, which in this case is the Internet, which you will connect to through WiFi. So your best best is to use WiFi (good job it’s not that expensive, and there are internet cafes and just places with public WiFi for emergencies). 

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However! You can use mobile data with Spotify but just in case – for those instances Spotify has an energy conservation mode (prepare for less visuals and worse audio quality)

And finally, Spotify offers a subscription plan that costs only $10 and offers you the option of going off the grid and listening to Spotify offline. 

How does listening offline work? Why not always be offline then? Going off the grid sounds cool in a “hooded Mission Impossible rogue agent” kind of way, right? You can find out more about working offline by following this link. 

So to sum up, you need to be on the Internet to listen to music, podcasts, and so on. If you’re a Premium user, you can use its features to listen to tracks while you’re offline but you will need to get the tracks you want first, manually. Note that enjoying music this way allows you to rent music but to own it you’d have to officially buy it so that artists can get paid (…peanuts while intermediaries get the most).  

By the way, if you want to transfer playlists and tracks from/to Spotify, MusConv will be helpful for you.

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