Does Spotify Use A Lot Of Battery?

You’ve installed Spotify’s music streaming app and started enjoying the streaming music that this Swedish green giant has to offer. But suddenly they began to notice with surprise that your smartphone began to discharge much faster.

After numerous complaints about high battery consumption in iOS 14.8 and iOS 15, Spotify said it was investigating the issue. Users began to complain that a similar problem arose on gadgets with the iOS operating system. Spotify acknowledges the problem and offers a workaround.

If you find that Spotify has been consuming more power on your iPhone than usual lately, know that you are not alone. This topic has been covered in several social media posts and Reddit threads. The Swedish music streaming company, for its part, said it was looking into the issue and offered a temporary fix.

Some users have noted that excessive battery consumption started after updating to iOS 15. However, others like the example below claim that the problem is also present in iOS 14.8.

The truth is that it seems to be a problem with the app and the latest versions of the iPhone operating system. Spotify heard the complaints and in a very brief response said they were working on the issue.

Spotify recommends on their support page that you restart your iPhone. He also thinks that reinstalling the app might work. If the problem persists, it is recommended to disable background refresh in the device settings.

You can find this option in Settings > General > Background Refresh. There, you just need to find Spotify and turn off the switch.

However, some users claim that the issue persists even after applying the recommended solutions. In this sense, it remains only to wait for the company to solve the problem in a future update.

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The widely used music streaming app Spotify is a powerhouse that increases battery consumption due to its features, since streaming content requires a lot of battery and data, so be careful if you are using 4G and not connected to Wi-Fi. Fi. A “small” price we have to pay in exchange for the gigantic on-demand music offering that the streaming service offers.

Some users believe that Spotify is the culprit for the rapid battery consumption, although in fact the energy from their batteries is eaten by popular social networks that run on devices in the background.

They are not among the first, but, unfortunately, they never disappear from their list. The two most popular social networks at the moment are also energy vampires – Facebook and Messenger. And they are, on the one hand, a version of the application of the largest social network in the world, and on the other, an application that emerged from its chat service. Why do they consume so much? Well, we find a clue in the sheer amount of permissions they need.

The problem is that there are no useful tricks with these two, just one: uninstall both and install Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, versions created by FB for sites where the Internet is very scarce and therefore does not require many resources. Of course, this is a very basic service and you will miss things like video calls.

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