Does Target Have A Music Playlist?

If you are a fan and user of Internet radio, then you have probably heard or already use Target i-Radio. This is an Internet radio that belongs to one of the oldest and largest American companies Target. This company does many things – it owns retail chains, and retails and sells music on streaming services, as well as its own Internet radio, which has become very popular recently.

Does Target i-Radio have playlists, does it create playlists? Yes, it does. Each playlist will contain songs that have been played on this internet radio over the past week or even a month. The main thing is to set certain search parameters.

Target i-Radio

Target first began testing music in its corporate stores in 2011. Initially, a small study was conducted with the participation of psychologists and marketers. Together they tried to find out the degree of influence of music on the buyer. The result of the research was the decision of the company’s management to create its own Internet radio, which should play in every store under the Target brand.

In addition, this radio is no different from ordinary Internet radio. The only difference can be a playlist chosen in a certain way, which was originally designed for a specific audience.

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Target claims that the music played in the company’s 1850 stores is upbeat and positive. She subconsciously programs the buyer for a good and playful mood, which, in turn, helps to increase sales. After all, a person who is in a good mood is less economical and more wasteful, he wants to buy, give gifts, feel like a significant person. And this is quite normal.

Marketing analysts argue that this is an original way that does not confirm the postulate that music distracts the buyer. In this case, the music is meant to provide shoppers with a unique in-store shopping experience that they cannot find in other retail chains. This is a kind of anchor in the mind of the buyer, who will be able to attract him to the stores of this Target retail chain.

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