Does Taylor Swift own a jet?

Taylor Swift is indeed one of the most popular artists out there today, with a net worth of hundreds of millions and a fan base Jesus would probably envy (in a good way though). No wonder! 

Taylor is a Christian, and it is no doubt with God’s help that she managed to deliver  singles like “Blank Space” to us, the likes of which you can easily and quickly find on Spotify if you’re a fan of greatest new hits, and Tidal if you’re into crispy and delicious music. 

Starting with country music, Taylor has done fantastically well, amassing a not bad fortune over the years thanks to undoubtable talent, extreme relatability, and obviously serious dedication to the technical aspect of songwriting. That all paid off very well, but how much happiness can money buy? How high can it get you? Can it buy a jet? 

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In fact, little did you know, Taylor has two of them, the Falcon 900 and the Falcon 50. Why settle for less? 

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