Does The Chinese Business Own Spotify?

65 key Swedish companies, including car maker Volvo Cars, hotel chain Radisson and streaming service Spotify, have been acquired in whole or in part by Chinese investors.

Until 2014, China received three companies annually, in subsequent years, from 6 to 9 companies were transferred to them annually. 2017 was a record year when the Chinese became the owners of 13 Swedish companies. Chinese from well-known networks of companies or corporations seek to absorb small but promising companies from industries related to scientific research, biotechnology or electronics. Their goal is to develop and manufacture products in China.

The list of Swedish enterprises in which Chinese entrepreneurs have invested is based on official data. In fact, the amount of this capital may be even greater.


It’s no secret that Chinese business seeks to maximize its influence around the world. This is not to say that the Swedish music streaming service Spotify was acquired by China. It is not true. But we should not forget that Spotify is an open joint stock company, the founders of which are the founders of this streaming service. Therefore, Chinese companies still bought back a small part of Spotify’s shares, which is very far from the controlling stake of 51%.

The administration of the Swedish music streaming service tends not to reveal the nuances of its business structure. Perhaps this is one of the fundamental principles of the success of this streaming service in the world, because it is Spotify that today owns more than 36% of the global music market.

Today, the streaming service is from Sweden and is available on all continents in almost 200 countries. The geography of this platform is constantly expanding. But directly in China, this streaming service is officially banned. And its use is considered an administrative offense.

Spotify’s track database is very large, with over 70 million songs. These are songs from all over the world. But sometimes it turns out that Spotify may not be enough for us and we will supplement it with our own music database. However, usually the number of available songs should satisfy us, especially in the free version, when we will only listen to Spotify at work through computer speakers or headphones.

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After creating an account, we will use the Spotify Free tariff by default. It’s very limited. First of all, its use requires you to listen to ads. Secondly, we cannot select a specific track upon request. Thirdly, we can only skip six pieces of music per hour.

With Spotify Premium, we get complete freedom: we can listen to what we want, how we want, when we want. The basic version of the paid subscription costs PLN 19.99 per month. If we haven’t used Spotify before, we can use the premium version for free for a month.

We can use Spotify on PC, smartphones and tablets. In the first case, we can do this with an application for Windows or macOS computers. If we do not want to install the application on a computer, we can log into the account through a browser. Spotify can also be used (or perhaps primarily) on Android and iOS devices. After downloading the app, simply log in to your account.

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