Does The DDJ REV1 Work With Serato DJ Pro?

In the market of musical equipment today you can find almost everything. And for those who are DJing on an amateur or professional level, it is sometimes difficult to draw the right conclusion about what equipment is needed and what software will be ideally compatible with it.

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV1 is an entry-level portable DJ controller for Serato DJ (Lite version included) with a battle layout of two 90-degree turntables and a state-of-the-art scratch mixer. In its construction, most of the decisions were made correctly, although the pads could have been larger.

The entry-level controller is built entirely of plastic, but with excellent build quality. Many professional DJs enjoy using these controllers as portable, auxiliary devices.

The first thing that catches your eye is that the decks are arranged so that the play and pause buttons are at the bottom right, and the pitch sliders are horizontally at the top – just like if you turned two traditional turntables 90 degrees. That’s what battle DJs usually do. Previously, this could not be seen on any DJ controller.

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It is pleasant to use the device. Jogis are relatively large and neat to the touch. They don’t have built-in displays and certainly aren’t motorized like the jog wheels on the DDJ-REV7, but they’re better than the DDJ-SB3 that this controller essentially replaced.

The mixer section is notable for its width. The mixer on the REV1 is much larger than what is usually found on controllers of this size, which makes it much more comfortable to work with.

In this case, it’s not like that at all. There are two effect engines in place, the ability to select three effects per channel from the device itself and change the value of the effect loop. The only real compromise is a single effects level control.

So, the DDJ REV1 controller works great with Serato DJ Lite, as well as with the entire line of Serato software products, in particular with Serato Pro. His technical capabilities are quite enough for this. The Serato DJ Lite version comes with the hardware for the reason that it is completely free. If desired, the DJ can independently upgrade the software version by paying for a license and thus gaining access to the full range of functions of a specialized application.

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