Does The Weeknd use Autotune?

The main use for autotune is to ensure that singers can sing in tune. This software will take any out-of-tune note and make it sound like it was in tune with the other notes being sung by changing its pitch slightly, either higher or lower. Autotuning started as an artificial vocal technique, but has now been applied to guitars and strings as well. 

The idea of autotune was invented by Roger Linn in the 1980s and made commercially available in 1997. It has been an important part of pop music ever since, with its effects ranging from subtle correction to complete transformation. Autotune can be found on any major recording today and will continue to grow as the industry changes for the better.

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It has been used for many years, but not everyone likes it. The key word here is “correct.” If you have perfect pitch then autotune would be pointless for you because your voice would already be in tune. But if you’re just an average singer with no particular talent for singing, then autotune can help improve your vocal performance immensely. 

But the question is – does The Weeknd use Autotune? The answer is actually yes, which may mean he sings a little worse in person than on TV. Does that matter? You decide!

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