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Does Tidal actually sound better?

Modern technologies have evolved, now there is no need to create gigantic collections of albums and CDs. Popular streaming services can offer far more music than any rational person could ever have. Moreover, we can get the pleasure of different music mixes with convenient playlists.

Almost every fan of qualitative music has heard about the service Tidal which is one of the most popular streaming platforms. Owners of this portal claim to provide listeners with the highest quality sound. However, does Tidal actually sound better than its competitors? What is so special about it that hundreds of thousands of music fans prefer it?

Does tidal actually sound better?

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Actually, Tidal is considered as a service for audiophiles. It offers many ways to get access to music of high-quality. Also, the platform allows customers to stream music or download small selections for listening without an Internet connection.

Tidal offers its users two types of subscriptions. The standard Premium version costs $9.99. With it, you will get quality with losses. In other words, this package provides the same quality as other similar platforms. However, if you’re a real audiophile, and you’re looking for music content of high quality, pay your attention to Hi-Fi. This service costs $19.99 per month but it offers lossless quality in FLAC and MQA formats.

This high-quality makes it a real pleasure to listen to clear sounds all the time:

  • in the kitchen;
  • at work;
  • in the transport – anywhere.

Even a low-end audio system will sound much more adequate and precisely in the background when streamed in lossless format instead of the old-fashioned mp3-coding. With this excellent audio quality, all songs sound fantastic, and the only wish of every user is to prolong this pleasure. And why not listen for a long time, since you’ve already paid a tidy sum for a subscription?

If you want to enjoy the real high-quality sound of the content, it would be useful to know that Tidal offers 70+ million songs and 250,000 videos.

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