Does Tidal have all music?

Tidal is currently considered one of the world’s most popular streaming music services. Its streaming video clips, music compositions, and podcasts combine sound quality and HD-video clips with special content and features for music admirers. Currently Tidal is available in 54 countries worldwide. The Norwegian public company Aspiro created it in 2014.

Does tidal have all music?

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Of course, before starting to use a new music platform, potential customers will be interested to know does Tidal have all the music which they like or not? The owners of this platform state that their service offers more than 60 million popular tracks, and demonstrates about 250,000 trendy video clips. The statistics are interesting enough, especially considering that it is possible to find exclusive new tracks from popular artists such as Rihanna, Coldplay, Jay-Z, and many others. All of these singers are co-owners of Tidal, and it makes this service unique.

Essentially, Tidal offers two variants of subscription:

  • Tidal Premium with ordinary quality;
  • Tidal Hi-Fi version with CD-quality – which is based on FLAC 1 411 Kbit/s

Moreover, Tidal claims that it pays the biggest share of royalties to songwriters and performers in the music streaming industry, so some customers may find the subscription prices a little steep.

If you decide to migrate to Tidal, the convenient and reliable MusConv service will help you to transfer all your favorite tracks, albums, and saved playlists from the old service to the new one without any losses.

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You will get a free trial period, after it is completed, you can continue to use the app for free or choose a low-cost subscription with all the benefits of full services.