Does Tidal have all songs?

Popular streaming services have completely changed the music industry. They have made it possible to find their favorite songs in one place for ordinary listeners. Moreover, novice artists and songwriters get the wonderful opportunity to make money on these platforms and develop professionally.

does Tidal have all the songs

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Today we’re going to discuss a fairly well-known music service called Tidal. What sets it apart from other similar platforms is the quality of the offered content because it can be listened to it in FLAC format. Certainly, quality is a good moment, you might say, but does Tidal have all the songs that people could listen to in this perfect format?

Well, for a start, it’s worth saying that you can find a lot more exclusives on the platform. On top of that, a fair number of artists publish their releases there much earlier than on other similar services. These two facts confirm that the variety of music on the platform is higher than on the others. Actually, the total number of unrepeated tracks is more than 70 million. Moreover, you will find here more than 250000 interesting videos in HD quality. It is possible to save all the content and listen to offline format.

Of course, you have to pay for such an impressive amount of music and videos. The application offers two main types of subscription.

The Premium version costs $9.99. This subscription allows you to listen to music in standard MP3-quality (like other services offer).

The Hi-Fi version costs $19.99. With this kind of subscription, you can listen to songs in FLAC/MQA format that is superior to CD-quality.

There are also a student and family subscriptions’ variants that can allow you to reduce your costs.

Based on the figures above, we can conclude that the service is not cheap at all. Therefore, if you want to enjoy high-quality and diverse music, you’ll have to pay a significant amount of money. The service offers a trial period of 30 days but it does not offer free usage, and it may upset some potential subscribers.

In general, Tidal is the kind of application that’s fit for strong audiophiles who can really feel and enjoy the quality. However, you should care about the appropriate equipment for listening to music to get a really high-quality of songs.

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